India GDP Really Growing to compete with China.

Every Indian should read this if you feel India should grow in coming this article giving clear picture Why  India economy is not growing fast compared to China.there are so many reasons for this This article is only give information about Indian and China growth and GDP(Gross Domestic Production) data from lat 40  years

GDP (in Billions)
                              1980         1990           2000             2010             2016
India                    181             326             476                1708              2510   

China                   309             404             1192               5949             11968

Just talking about Indian is rich country all diamonds are gold are sold in market with traditional methods long yeas ago. India rich compared to china in 1910 to 1920.Indian GDP is better than China.see table above GDP data is collected form different sources.

China GDP in 2016 crossed Indian GDP grown 5 times more .Most of Indian are using made china products to develop china as fast above to grow.But India is not in race compete with most of the parameters with China.90% of daily using products are coming from China.Indian are giving most of GDP contribution to China.Indian  won only single digit Olympic medal never crossed double digit.China earn double century Olympic medals.

Think as Indian What best u Can Do Cross China in coming days.

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