Indian First Talkie Film Actress Zubeida Begum.

Indian First Talkie Film Actress Zubeida Begum 
Do you Indian First Film Actress Zubeida Begum is have connection with Hyderabad. Read complete article will understand clearly. Zubeida Begun is acted Indian first Talkie film Alam Ara which is released in 1931.what is mean of talkie (film first commercial movie released on theater like present ).

Zubeida Begum is most beautiful Indian royal family member.At age of 20 she was interested in acted films .Zubeida Begum was born in Surat ,Gujarat in Royal Muslim family. Zudeida acted in Devadasi which is well known picture to Indians. Zudeida acted part time actress till 1949 after that she left  film industry.She married with Maharaj Narsingir Dhanrajgir Gyan Bahadur Royal family in Hyderabad. 
Zubeida Begum have two sons and one daughter. Zubeida  spent her lost time in Dhanraj Mahal Palace Mumbai.She was Died in 1988.

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