Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi 25th Mann ki Baat highlights.

Indian  Prime Minister Naredra Modi 25th Mann Ki Baat On Diwali is dedicated to Indian Soldiers  working for Country security. Modi want share his thought , views agenda and Suggestion with every Indian throgh All India Radio. Modi want to Communicate Each and Every Indian through Indian Oldest communication channel Radio. Modi still know some of India is not covered with Internet and Television.Indian PM Still want communicate with Old Technology is reach every one should know what is telling.

Modi Want communicate ,guide,tell agenda monthly once to all Indians on Radio. Modi still successful in telling Mann ki Baat on Radio. Modi on his speech told about Indian soldiers.Most soldiers are living  last 4 to 5 months in India and Pakistan border to save country from Terrorist attacks. Modi is praised services of Indian soldier to save from Pakistan Cross border terrorism activities  .Narendra Modi call to every Indian dedicate this Diwali to Indian soldiers who sacrificing lives .

Naredara Modi given maintain Gender equality means man and woman are equal in Indian society.this mean Modi want create atmosphere to boost Female participation in Indian Developments.

Modi Remendered 31 October Sardar Vallabhai Patel Birth day.31 October is also Former Indian Prime Minister Indian Gandhi Death day.Prime Minister Modi want this day should celebrates as Unity day.Patel worked for former welfare and he is called Iron man of India  for taking Brave decision .

Finally Nerendra Modi is very angry on Pakistan .Pak supporting terrorism to destroy Indian economy. Modi want to end terrorism  with help Indian army .Modi praised Indian army Surgical attack on  Pakistan terrorism .

You Listen Complete PM Narendra Modi Speech

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