How to prepare Atukula Poha(Upma) for Breakfast.

How to prepare Atukula Poha(Upma) for Breakfast.

Atukula Upma is also called Atukula Poha. This is one of best and fast preparing break fast food recipe in India.Most of south Indian prefer to eat as snacks item in morning or evening.

Atukula Poha is easy digested food.Most of people prefer to eat low calories food as breakfast.Poha is one of the best and easy prepare able break fast with in minutes to save money and time at home .


1.(Atukulu)pressed rice-100 grams.2.Fenu Greek seeds-4
3.Bagal gram -1 1/2 table spoon.4.Black gram -1 ½.5. Mustard seeds-1 tablespoon.6.Cuminseeds-1/2 tablespoon.
7. Peanut-2tablespoon.8.Green chillies-3.9.Curry leaves-few
10.Salt- to taste-3/4 tablespoon.11.Turmeric powder-1/2 tablespoon.12.Lemon Juice-to taste -2-tablespoon
13.Oil-1 ½ tablespoon.


First wash the green chillies and after chop them according to your taste.Clean curry leaves keep aside.
Take a pressed rice in wide bowl and add the water to it. In 1st wash soak pressed rice for a just minute and remove complete water from the pressed rice allow to dry.

First heat pan and add oil to it ,when oil is hot add the peanuts ,fry by stirring on low flame till crackle, remove fried peanuts from the oil and keep them in a separate plate .

In remaining oil on pan in that add the Bengal gram ,Fenu greek seeds and black gram, fry seeds up to changing color and then add mustard seeds ,cumin seeds to it .Fry the seeds till the splutter ,then again add the chopped curry leaves and finally Chopped green chillies.

On small flame Chillies are fried in order to remove hotness from them.Then add turmeric powder to seasoning and mix it well.Now add the soaked pressed rice along with mixed salt on pan to get yellow color of turmeric powder coats well on pressed rice.

Now add fried peanuts and mix well gently, now switch off flame after that add required amount of lemon juice.Keep prepared Upma in to the another serving plates.

Important Information:

Better to use thicker variety of pressed rice to retains the shape for longer period after it’s soaked.
Coming to taste used green chillies and lemon juice will give spicy taste.After adding soaked pressed rice to seasoning mix gently to avoid from the breaking.

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