Andhra Recipe:Green Banana and Lemon Gravy Curry.

Green Banana and Lemon Gravy Curry.

Specially in South India Raw Banana is also used for preparing curries, fry.Every South Indian state have different set of variety recipes with banana.To day brining one of fast and easy cook able recipe in Andhra and Telangana.Readers are requested to make changes according your requirement to better taste.

Points to remember:

1.When peeling bananas apply oil to your palms ,knife and chopping board it would be difficult to wash sticky black gum of bananas.

2.Always remember,add lemon juice after switching off flame,otherwise curry may turn in to bitter.

1.Raw banana -500grams.2.Ginger 1piece.3.Green chillies-6.4.Curry leaves-few.5.Bengal grams-2 ½ table spoon.6.Black gram-2table spoon.7. Mustard seeds-1 ½ table spoon.8.Cumin seeds-1 ½.9.Fenu Greek eeds-3 seeds.10.Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp.11.Salt-to taste.12.Oil-8-table spoon.13.Lemon juice -3 tbsps.


1.First take a bowl of water ,add salt to water mix it well.Now clean bananas, remove complete skin of bananas and cut it into small cubes, keep banana cube pieces in salt water wash with salt water and allow pieces to dry.

2.Now all bananas pieces kept in microwave in safe bowl by spraying little water on it, keep bowl in microwave oven cook in high power for 5 minutes.

3.After removing from oven allow banana pieces cool down and keep them aside.clean green chillies , ginger and make paste of using Mixer keep aside.

4.Clean curry leaves ,chop them well.


1.First take a pan place on stove add oil to it. When oil is heating add Bengal gram ,black gram and fenu Greek seeds to it.

2.Fry seeds till they changed into golden brown color,Now add mustard seeds and cumin seeds allow to fry well on small flame.Now add chopped curry leaves and add paste of green chillies add turmeric powder mix well.

3.Now add cooked banana pieces to it and cook it for 2 minutes on small flame.After confirming banana pieces well mixed with gravy switch off stove flame.Allow curry temperature come down to normal add lemon juice, mix it well. Now take curry in to a separate serving bowl to serve.

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