Kamal Hasan is going to Stop Act in Cinema.

Kamal Hasan  going to Stop Act in Cinemas.

Indian film industry one of most popular actor Kamal Hasan has been in media contentiously for his enter into political journey.Accodring to Tamil film news recently Kamal made statement about his political journey ,if I take any responsibility in in my political life i will completely quit acting in cinemas.

According Sources 62 years old actor Kamal Hasan is in cinema industry more than 50 years. Kamal started acting in films from childhood.Kamal Hasan is multi talented Cinema artist have experience in writing,direction,production and singing.Kamal Received prestigious wards from Indian government like Padma Bhushan,Padma Sree. Kamal received more than 50 national,state and film fare awards still now so far.

Kamal Hasan presently hosting Tamil Big Boss and also acting in two film Vishawaroopam 2 and Sabash Naidu.kamal Planning to complete film before political entry to focus completely on politics from Diwali on wards.Kamal met many political legendaries to take support and guidance in reaching Tamil People very closely.

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