Chanakya Neeti :Tips For Successful Marriage Life.

Chanakya Tips For Success Marriage Life.

1).Every one always look for physical beauty. everyone want to marry beautiful lady as life partner in their life. before taking decision test inner beauty of lady. Chanakya says successful person in life marry beautiful lady along with great inner values.

2). Person must look at family of person who one is going to marry.Person not belong to good family must avoid marriage . other wise face lot of problems after marriage according to Chanakya.

3).Chanakya says successful marriage needs equal effort ,love and understanding from both man and woman .Unbalanced relationship would always lead to failure marriage life.Chanakya says both parents should always remain respect others love and emotions.

4). A woman must serve her husband well with out any controversy discussion. .Man always provide facilities and products what she needs at home .if not tell the reason in understanding way.

5).A good wife is always honest and clever in taking family decisions.she must love her husband and make maximum effort to bring peace and harmony in family.Husband and wife try to avoid unwanted discussion in family life.

6). Men must never talk or quarrel about other woman in family as it brings sorrow in family relationship.

7). Person never marry a liar .A person who can lie easily to someone can also do same with their partner.Accept mistake at partner to bond relationship.

8)A beautiful person with bad nature can always cause problems in their relationship.Justify your partner before marriage with above simple Technic for successful marriage life.

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