Two IAS officers Get Married with Rs 500

Two IAS Officers Get Married With Rs 500.

Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi is banned 500 & 1000 notes on November 8 ,2016. According to sources  from India breaking news most of Indians faced lot of problems with currency crunch.Indian government  planning and started implementing cashless society .

Couple got married just spending 500 rupees as marriage expenses.Yes this is true two IAS officers in Rajasthan did same by spending Rs 500 completed their marriage in registration office .Two persons who got married are IAS officers in Rajasthan want make awareness about digital payments.

Couple got married are professionally IAS officers in India.They made this marriage to make awareness about Indian PM Narendra Modi note ban reach people in positive way.In coming days Indian government put restriction on marriage expenditure .In India most of expenditure are happening through cash this is giving possibility of black money growth in Indian economy.Indian PM decision making inspiration to youth to see new Indian without black money in coming days.This is right time to every Indian to show will power in controlling black money.

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