Millind Soman(52) dating with Ankita konwar(18).

Millind Soman(52) dating with Ankita konwar(18).

Indian Bollywood iron man Millind Soman is dating with 18 years old girl.recently Millind turned to 52 years on November 4th.According to source from Hindi movie news Ankita konwar is 18 years old girl is in love with 52 years old Millind living together in Mumbai.

This is good example love do not barriers of age.Recently Millind is one of judge for program “Indian Next Top model season 3”.Millind is got famous for “Made in India” video in 1990’s.According media sources Ankita is working as air hostess .

Recently Millind secret relationship with Ankitha came out .In Bollywood this relation ship is hot discussing topic.

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