Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi BRICS Meeting Agenda.

Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi BRICS Meeting Agenda.

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi attending BRICS meeting in China .this meeting have very very special for entire world because there is chance for war between America and North Korea.Indian and China also have long lasting border issue.Indian can have tough talks about Indian border Dokklam issue with china to resolve with minimum time to bring peace between two countries border.

To day entire world getting afraid with North Korea regular missile test creating tension in American supporting countries japan and South Korea .North Korea targeting American supporting countries to show latest missile inventions.In BRICS meeting world major economics China ,Russia and India are may dialogues to peace between North Korea and America.Already America claiming China supporting and giving Nuclear technology information to North Korea to develop missiles.

Indian have own agenda about solving china and Indian border issue .America also encouraging India questioning in BRICS meeting about North Korea to bring peace with Russia and China.Entire world looking for BRICS meeting outcome to bring North Korea issue.

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