Bollywood Individual Highest Advance Tax Payers in 2017

Bollywood Individual Highest Advance Tax Payers in 2017.

In India Bollywood actors are paying more tax compared to actress. According  to sources from Bollywoob Movie News Salman Khan was top tax player in entire Bollywood film industry paid up to 45Crores. Salman khans last 6 films are very successful at box office collecting good amount .Salmans Sultan was very successful in recent film collected more than 500 Crore.

Bollywood small screen entertainer Kapil Sharma was top payer paid 2 times more than previous year.Kapil Sharma paid 23.9Crores compared to last year tax 7 Crores. Bollywood legendary director Karan Johar paid 11.7Crores as individual tax .

Female Bollywood heroine Deepika Padukone was highest individual actress paid tax of 10.25Crores.Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor are other top actress in paying taxes.Original tax filing may varies from advance tax.There is chances of adding more Bollywood celebrities in coming day may pay more than above actor and actress taxes.

Highest Advance Tax Payers in 2017.

1.Salman Khan 44.5Cr.2.Akshay Kumar 29.9Cr.3.Hrithik Roshan 25.5Cr.4.Kapil Sharma 23.9Cr.5.Ranbir Kapoor 6.5Cr.6.AmirKhan 14.8Cr.7.Karan Johar 11.7Cr.8.Deepika Padukone 10.25Cr.9.Alia Bhatt 4.33Cr.10.Kareena Kapoor 3.90Cr.

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