Irani Tea Preparation Guide

Irani Tea Preparation Guide.

Irani Tea is one of the special tea recipe all world in different taste. Irani Tea was 1st introduced by Persians.After Years Irani Tea is got famous for its unique taste. Irani Tea is spread all world From Middle east to every country across world.Irani Tea have specialty of slowly taste will be enjoyed flavor.

Irani Tea mostly served with fruit cake,cookies and biscuits.Most middle east countries will take bread along with Irani Tea.World wide Different Teas are Masala Tea,Ginger cardamom Tea,Masala Tea,Lemon Tea,Black Tea,White Tea,Oolange Tea.Green Tea,Yellow Tea and more.

Equipment: Sauce pan


1.3 Table spoon tea powder.2.1Cup full fat milk.3.2 Table spoon –milk powder.4.Cream khoya,1 star anise.5.2 green cardamom.6.1 black cardamom.7.1 inch stick cinnamon.
8.5- Cloves.9.1/2 Teaspoon whole pepper.10.2 Table spoon –Sugar (adjust).11.1Cup water.


1). To prepare Irani Tea ,First add saucepan on stove, add water, tea leaves and spices (Cardamoms, cinnamon, cloves and pepper) allow to boil in water for 5 minutes.

2). Add sugar and simmer for another 3 minutes,Now switch off flame and leave decotion sit for 15 minutes ,If you leave for a long time ,you get a stronger decotion.

3). In another saucepan add milk,allow it come to boil on medium flame.

4). Place a spoon inside the saucepan and continue boiling milk for 5 more minutes to bring milk thickness.

5). Just before serving ,filter the tea decoration into the milk and add sugar for taste as per your requirements.

6). Irani chai recipe is readily to be served with fruit cake cookies,biscuits and Bread for good experience.

Irani cafe are available in Iranian style in the south-Asia .Irani Tea originally started in Zoroastrian after that Irani immigrants Spread mostly to Middle countries and Asian countries in the 19th century ,Today Middle east and Asian countries are have largest number of Irani cafes to serve special Irani tea in different combinations.

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